RHEED Vision™

Fully integrated multitasking acquisition software for
Windows XP™


  • Real time image display, single or multiple frames capture
  • Frame averaging and integration supported in all modes
  • Dynamic adjustment of brightness and contrast
  • Enhancement by background subtraction and contrast stretching (linear or non-linear)
  • Images exported as standard bitmaps and JPEG



  • Oscillations, intensity and up to 6 spot positions
  • Data saved as text file


Spots and Profiles:

  • One dynamic line profile in any direction
  • Real time line profile


System Requirements:

  • Minimum: Pentium III with 256 Mb RAM / 20 Gb Hard Disk
  • Recommended: Pentium 4 with 512 Mb RAM
  • Windows XP™ PC
  • CCD standard camera (50 / 60 Hz)


Frame Grabbing:

  • Works with any CCD standard camera
  • Sync correction for VCRs
  • Wide range of black and white level adjustment
  • 512 x 512 window



  • Flange Mount
  • Computer with TFT Monitor
  • RHEED Vision™ full upgrade
  • RHEED Gun Controller™